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About A & E Medical Massage

Our Mission.

To provide the Ultimate Care in Wellness by bridging the gap in working hand –in-hand with your doctor, wellness practitioner and  professional health specialists to restore, correct or enhance your body’s ability to support a life of action and minimal to no limitations.

Eric Wilson, LMT, NCMMT, Owner

A & E Medical Massage is the innovation of Eric Wilson, Senior Medical Massage Therapist and Owner. Eric holds a Master Certification in Medical Massage and a National Certification in Medical Massage. He has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1991.

Since 1996 he has been dedicated to furthering his education in the medical field “specifically in how does the body work”.  Mr. Wilson believes this will better serve the public and medical providers with an alternative that will aid in patient care through medical massage and rehabilitation. He is also a noted international Instructor of Manual Therapy and Active Isolated Stretching,   He sat on the Executive Board of the United States Medical Massage Association. He has been an active member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association since 1996. He will continue his service to these organizations as he believes they are the strength and backbone of the Massage industry.

Mr. Wilson has worked hand in hand with and for Doctors performing injury evaluations and treatment since 1996. He also assists athletes in their training and injury prevention and recovery, He has worked across the nation in a wide variety of events such as, marathons, triathlons, golf tournaments, power lifting, football, soccer, tennis, swimming and martial arts. He treats workplace stress injuries associated with prolonged computer use (lower back pain, mid backache, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome).

During his travels and journeys to gain more knowledge he has worked with some of the best therapists and educators in the world, partaking in their classes whenever possible. Such individuals include, Aaron Mattes, Bruce Baltz, James Waslaski, Erik Dalton, Damien Berg, Benny Vaughn, Judith Delaney Walker, Paul St. John, and Tom Myers. These Doctors and therapists through their teachings have helped to mold and build a very well rounded therapist with knowledge that comes from multiple disciplines. Mr. Wilson is dedicated to assisting doctors in their treatments to restore the patient’s quality of life through this multidisciplinary NON surgical approach to treatment of soft tissue dysfunctions.

Our Medical Massage Staff

Our professional staff of Medical Massage Therapists has advanced training and extensive experience in working with injury cases, has vast knowledge of a comprehensive range of therapies, is highly skilled in evaluation/assessment procedures, scope of practice issues,  and insurance billing.